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The Selection - Kiera Cass Another stupid YA book. To be fair, I've read worse.
We have our plain Jane (at least that's how she sees herself) who is actually very talented and pretty. Everybody loves her, she has two guys pinning for her. Well, you know the drill. Did I mention her name? America Singer. Yes. You've read it right.

I could write more about miss Singer, but I don't want to get a headache. Moving on!
The prince is not a bad guy, at least he seems better than America's secret boyfriend, Mr. hot and cold. I think she may choose him eventually...But I don't really care. Prince Maxon was good to her, and what does she do? She jumps to the bed with her sekret lovah! Who btw. broke up with her before she went to join The Selection. While we're at it, I don't know about you, but I would ask him first about the reasons for breaking up with me and then I would make out with him.

Let's talk about the "world building/setting" in this book. We didn't really learn much about it. There will be at least one more book, so there will be time for America's drama-rama. How about you tell us something more about society and time they are living at.

Last, but not least - the author's behavior. Discover it by yourself! I don't know what's gotten into YA writers lately...They are acting so childish. Instead of attacking person who (God forbid!) didn't like their book, they could actually, I don't know...Improve their story? Oh, silly me. This is obviously piece of art! What an original book! And no, it's not about boys! Hello, this book is dystopian!

If you have some brain, skip this book. It's not even trashy good! Like I already said, I've read worse, so miss Cass, be happy that you got 2 stars from me. Since you care so much about it.