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A Discovery of Witches  - Deborah Harkness It started out good. Slow, but good. I liked the way she described everything. Diana was an ok character at the beginning. At least she had some willpower. That changed when a certain vampire came into picture.

Diana is supposed to be a really intelligent and smart women. I liked that. Her character drastically changed when she fell in love with Matthew. She became everything I hate in a girl. She literally couldn`t go to bathroom without him! But let`s go back on their love. I personally don`t believe in love on first sight. There could be strong attraction, yes, but you can`t fall in love with someone just like that. I don`t know if that was love at first sight, since she hated Matthew at first. Too bad her feelings changed.

Maybe I should say something general about this book first. If you hated Twilight, don`t read it. This is grown up version of Twilight. And much, much longer version of it. Actually, it`s not really grown up version. Characters are older, but they are not much wiser. At least not Diana and Matthew. And don`t expect any sex in this book. They don`t, no..He doesn`t want to rush things. How sweet, right? If only he wanted to take things slowly in other aspects of their so called "relationship". He watched her sleep when they barely knew each other. Boy, does that sound familiar! He is possessive, and he has to be next to her every second of their pathetic time together. Like I already said, she can`t go to bathroom alone. Sadly, she doesn`t find this disturbing, she starts to act the same. They might as well tie themselves together with a rope! He makes decisons for herself, he keeps things from her...Don`t worry..there is so much more about him, but I can`t write it all. I want to forget about him and her and this terrible book as soon as I can!

Don`t expect much action either. You will mostly read about how Diana drinks her tea and how she eats. Too bad...This book had potential.