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Divergent  - Veronica Roth 3.5 stars

Ugh! I wrote a pretty long review, but of course I accidentally exited that tab and now everything is gone!

I don't have strength to write it all over again.

Let's just say this: don't let my 4 stars to foul you. I didn't love this book that much. There are a lot of things that I didn't like, such as: plot holes, lack of explanation, Tris and her special snowflake shit etc.
To be fair, Tris can kick some ass(es), but she was still selfish, self-centered...Oh, and that girl just doesn't know what clues are! Her mom is telling her to be careful, that people might try to go after her, that the bad guys are eavesdropping them etc., but she just doesn't get it!

It's sad that she is still better than a lot of other YA protagonists.
And, what is with YA authors obsession with making authority figures as love interests for their plain janes? I'm just not too fond of it. And of course. The main love interest is always hot, sexy, perfect, brooding guy who could have any girl he wants, but he is saving himself for our lovely miss-shy-average-clumsy girl. As if!

I can't lie, I still turned the pages pretty quickly...it did keep me somewhat interested...so, kudos to you Veronica!